Our Goal...

...is to help our Customers to control the food supply chain, based on safety, transparency, sustainability, and respect for environment. To achieve that, we have a team of professionals with a lot of international experience and connections willing to help and assist you to obtain your goal.

Eco Poultry is the pioneer in setting up
"Slow Growing Chicken" concepts.

With the highest respect to the Animals and Nature , Eco Poultry has been deeply involved in the change of the farming system around Europe for several years.


Recently Eco Poultry managed to create an Unique cooperation between the Polish Pamal Sp group and Esbro Holland.
Pamal SP group is owner of breeder farms in Poland ESBRO is one of the most modern slaughter houses in Europa located in the east of Holland.
They signed an contract for growing Beter Leven One Star Chicken - Free range slowly grow chicken

The concept Chicken

Confidence in animal welfare

Working closely with farmers, slaughterhouses, packing companies and retailers Eco Poultry has got very strong position to put big impact on the chicken market to change the standards "Boom Chicken" farming for the slow growing concepts.

We deeply believe the future of the poultry business is very strong related to the animal welfare regulations. Eco Poultry as a supplier of concepts for chicken and poultry products is a strong partner in sustainability, is a strong partner with a clear vision.

Quality Solutions

Eco Poultry is Official partner with solid dutch BK


Years of experience concerning proces control in the food industrie in Western Europe

Eco Poultry can help you with:

In short practical solutions in the complete supply chain

We are committed to provide all your poultry service needs with constantly drive to improve our services to you.

Commercial Support

"The simple thing that makes the difference"

In Eco Poultry we have different idea about making good business, we are focus on building long term business partnership with our Customers, based on trust, transparency and the simple fact, what success of our Customer is also success of ourselves

We work only with top European Slaughterhouses , Wholesalers and Retailers.

Our aim is to build structural order scheme, based on time deliveries of the top quality products according the highest demands of our customers.

To do that we are official logistic partner of top European Logistic Company Mandersloot - expert in fresh products distribution.

We can help you with finding customer for the products you want to sell, we can help you to find producer for the products you want to buy. Our experience team will make sure you get what you want.



  • Support for the farm operations,
  • Coordination for the Concept programs, 
  • Technical and Efficiency consultancy.


  • Purchasing coordination
  • Sales coordination 
  • Logistic coordination
  • Flat trading

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Bureau voor Kwaliteitszorg

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Eco Poultry is the pioneer in setting up “Slow Growing Chicken” concepts.

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